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Devresan develops high-end software and system-level services for individual and commercial using purposes.
Devresan is an official Ubuntu mirror
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1 sys-level service 2 software 3 cutting-edge technology 4 cloud enabled

Your PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider

Learn more about our big data solutions on cloud. Ready-to-use or custom design schemes for your application. Specialize your solution and scale as you grow.

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We solve your real-world problems by modern ways

Big data processing
Remote control
Distributed Systems
Embedded System Design
Hardware & Software Design
Information Extraction & profiling
Network data aquisition
Query Services
Web and Mobile Services
Product modernization
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Shape your new product or solution

Modernize your deprecated software and hardware with cheap and stable one. Get rid of supplly chain problems, technical service headaches and etc. Re-new your product life-cycle by modern techniches.

Drop-in system replacement with no extra costs. Coban logs those data, it's useful to detect leaks, overflows, critical & peak times, etc.. Then system administrator or industrial project authory would reconfigure or upgrade the system.

Guvercin 2010 is a distributed and scalable network-based Point-to-Point data transmission infrastructure. Works on various of network topologies. It can be used both industrial and telecomminication applications. It consist of single or multiple clients, dedicated server(s), storage unit, backup unit, encrypted virtual-network, web-based administration and monitoring interface. Replaz uses this product.

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